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CEECOACH presents new product as well as new brand logo

CEECOACH uses the turn of year to take the opportunity to present a new product, CEECOACH 2.
For everybody whi wishes for more freedom of movement when training with CEECOACH, we present the perfect solution to you:

CEECOACH 2 is the new communication system that enables connection with Bluetooth headsets. The device provides clear audio quality to make communication between up to six participants more easy. Plus it is actually not a problem having a flawless conversation with members of your communication group once connected, up to 500 meters in distance.

The use case scenario is only limited by your imagination, perfectly made for fun and training activities like skiing trips or horseback riding for that matter. Thanks to its additional set of hardware you will be able to wear either a corded headset or a Bluetooth headset.

CEECOACH 2 comes in two fresh and modern colors: Turquoise and Bordeaux and can be used with Bluetooth headsets or corded headsets. Furthermore, like CEECOACH, you will be able to connect CEECOACH 2 to your mobile as well as to the first product generation. With just three buttons CEECOACH is nearly effortless to use, even whilst wearing gloves or stored in your pockets.
The battery of CEECOACH 2 has the same high performance, but the charging process is much faster (about 2hrs instead of 4hrs).


CEECOACH brand logo changes

In time with product launch of the all new CEECOACH 2 the manufacturer peiker CEE GmbH presents its new design. The logo was redesigned to represent a more sportive brand and design alignment. This adds positive effects to the lifestyle character of the brand. The new design mark represents a communication link.