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The peak within reach: Extreme climber Andy Holzer is on his way to Mount Everest

CEECOACH is in on the journey to the “roof of the world”

Some call it the holy mountain, for others the climb ended in a disaster. It is fact that the Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth with 8.848 m and at the same time, it is the deadliest. This is also known to Andy Holzer. He already mastered six of the Seven Summits (the highest mountains on each of the seven continents). Now he is on his way to peak number seven. As if this were not enough of a challenge, Andy Holzer is blind from birth, which makes this undertaking even more impressive.

Andy Holzer who is from the region Tirol in Austria, already tried to conquer the Mount Everest two times but had to abandon his mission both times. In 2014 the expedition from the south side of the mountain had to be stopped due to an avalanche catastrophe. In 2015 he tried the north side from Tibet but an earth quake in April, that killed thousands of people in the region, foiled the mission once more.

Now, two years later, Andy Holzer wants to tempt fate again. Together with his two backing partners and friends Wolfgang Klocker and Klemens Bichler, Andy, who just turned fifty, is starting his “Everest Expedition” again. To simplify communication of the team under the harsh conditions CEECOACH is used. The devices are based on Bluetooth technology and provide an excellent audio quality even at extreme weather conditions. Up to six participants can be connected and talk over a distance of about 500m with one another. “For me especially in the peak region of the Mount Everest, where strong winds are to be expected and every one of us disappears under a thick hood and oxygen mask and no one has surplus power to shout commands, it is an absolutely essential tool.”, comments Andy Holzer on his weblog. On this platform, he is sharing his daily impressions of his adventurous mission. “I don’t need the mountain as an efficiency statement. I love to make decisions and feel their consequences.“, says Andy Holzer.


The CEECOACH team sends their best wishes and good luck to the team and hopes for a successful expedition!

Mount Everest Expedition 2017: Weblog Andy Holzer