Support for partially blind ski students

Snow&Eyes“CEECOACH is easy to handle for our Ski Guides and also our partially blind ski students – also with gloves on.”, states  Andreas Märzhäuser, qualified sports teacher and training officer for snow sports at the Uni Kiel.

With trust and perfect technology



We are proud to support “Snow&Eyes” which is a project by SV Sportsgeist e.V. and the University of Kiel which is dedicated to people whose vision is either sorely afflicted or are partially blind.
Specially trained skiing instructors will help them make progress by individual harmonization between the guides and partially blind students and using the CEECOACH communication system. Clear sound and plainly audible instructions help to make faster progress. When using CEECOACH instructors can focus much more on individual abilities and needs and courage their handicapped students to trust and raise self competence.
“Snow & Eyes” is a really great project!

For further information visit the website of SV Sportsgeist


CEECOACH unterstützt Snow&Eyes Projekt des SV Sportsgeist e.V. CEECOACH unterstützt Snow&Eyes Projekt des SV Sportsgeist e.V.