Simone Jakobi

„This is an aquirement that is truly worth it. Easy operation, excellent audio quality even in major distances is offered for a reasonable price. Definitely a work of professionals.”

Simone JakobiChief editor Pferdesportjournal

More fun and safety for family, friends or two by two

CEECOACH is the ideal partner for mountain biking and hiking – stay connected!

  • Excellent Sound and voice quality

    Enables trouble-free communication in a group or when biking two by two. Sound quality is excellent even over long distances and loud ambient sounds. So, you can inform your fellows on difficult sections or warn your child when e.g. a street is crossing.

  • Simultaneous talking with Full-duplex

    Simultaneous group training without disturbances

  • Sturdy and sheltered

    Splash and dust-proof, as well as intuitive to operate

Increased security when doing (alpine) climbing

  • Reliable and safe

    Trouble-free communication over a distance of up to 500 meters (1600 ft) without a smartphone or mobile phone network using modern Bluetooth® technology

  • Easy to operate

    CEECOACH has just three buttons and is therefore very intuitive to operate – even without looking at the device

  • High battery performance

    Up to 10 hours talk time and up to 3 days stand-by time