Stephan Kellner

„The perfect system for direct communication between driving instructors and students. CEECOACH simply provides the most secure, perfect support, especially during maneuvering.“

Stephan KellnerTruck Driving School Manager ACADEMY Fahrschule Truck & Bus Rhein Main

Improved working conditions

CEECOACH optimizes daily workflows and simplifies communication in a team

  • Excellent voice and sound

    Instructions can be heard over long distances and ambient sound is reduced

  • Simultaneous Talking with Full-Duplex

    Enables simultaneous talking during work – with unlimited mobility

  • Individual use

    Compatible with other headset systems, even with integrated ear protection

Variaty of applications

Especially, when people can see but not hear each other, e.g. CEECOACH ensures s good, stable connection. Possible applications include working on a construction site, communicating in large industrial facilities, connecting maintenance teams or support maneuvering of trucks.

  • Reliable and safe

    Trouble-free communication over a distance of up to 500 meters (1600 ft) without a smartphone or mobile phone network using modern Bluetooth® technology

  • Sturdy and sheltered

    Splash and dust-proof, as well as intuitive to operate

  • High battery performance

    Up to 10 hours talk time and up to 3 days stand-by time